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(:groupheader:)(:title Welcome to the CNU's Collaborative Member Resource Center:) (:table width="90%":) (:cell:)Attach:Cincy2.jpg (:cell:)Attach:Stockholm2.jpg (:cell:)Attach:Soleil2.jpg (:cell:)Attach:Albermarle2.jpg (:cell:)Attach:Sarasota2.jpg (:tableend:) !! An Introduction Members of The Congress for the New Urbanism have a wealth of experience bringing traditional, walkable urbanism to cities, towns and regions that would otherwise be increasingly defined by sprawl. The results are places across the United States and abroad that reward people for being there. They create a sense of place because they're designed around the needs of people, not just their automobiles. This web site is a place for CNU members to benefit from their collective experience. It's a place to work collaboratively on projects. It's a place to share valuable lessons and provide advice on overcoming common barriers to the creation of great urban places. !! View, Learn, Get Involved Follow the links to the right to find areas where members are working together on-line to advance New Urbanism. In some cases, a team of members may already be working together closely. You're welcome to view their work and e-mail them with suggestions or offers to join the effort. In other cases, you will be welcome to contribute information immediately perhaps you'll add a valuable perspective on a topic based on particular experience you've had in a given Transect zone or region of the country. The interactive technology behind this site commonly known as "Wiki" makes it easy for you to create a link to a new page (or pages) where you can create your own message. Getting started is easy--just follow [[Startup Guide | these guidelines.]] (:groupfooter:)